Young Pioneer Membership

An Early Stage Entrepreneur is expected to take 100’s of decisions in a day that go to make or break their paths towards building a startup. Startups Club recognises the need for an inclusive support system that offers entrepreneurs a host of services that is aimed at making their startup journey that much more easier. Membership also makes you a part of the community, which gives members an opportunity to connect with like-minded people. There are three categories of offering that we have:

This membership is meant for Aspiring Entrepreneurs who are about to setup of their venture. This membership provides you support and guidance in the form of mentoring – Identify the right business to go after – Gain Knowledge to take informed decisions.


Member Benefits

Mentoring Hours

Business Mentoring - 5
IT Mentoring - 1
Digital Marketing - 1
Compliance Mentoring - 1
Founder's Time - 1
IP Consulting - 0

Knowledge Session

Each month one new topic is covered in depth as a part of the knowledge session to provide greater perspective

Ideation Workshop

For early stage startups we will engage in support for ideation and model discovery through a workshop meant to take you from the drawing baord to the market

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