The Premier Destination for early stage startups
Startups Club is a community for early stage startups, for those who are thinking about starting up, those who have just started their business and those who are looking to grow! Come be a part of the one of the most exciting communities for early stage startups.
How do we help you?
At every step of the journey for an early stage startup, Startups Club has an offering that helps make your journey a little smoother and to help you move forward. We help you with the knowledge that you require, the opportunities you need to practice what you have learnt and to forge you path towards growth.
Knowledge Sessions are specifically designed to cater to the needs of startups and to help entrepreneurs learn very critical skills and techniques which would help them build a much more robust and lasting business. There sessions typically last 4 hours
We offer mentoring as a service to early stage startups to help them ascertain clarity of vision and direction. We also help them understand the intricacies of various business models and act as their sounding board. We support them to go from an idea stage business to one that is ready to grow.
We organise monthly meet-ups in Bangalore, Chennai and Pune. We conduct meetings in all of the other cities where we have a presence, every alternate month. The monthly meetings give our members an opportunity to meet other entrepreneurs who are part of the community and learn. A perfect place to test your networking skills and build connections.
Pioneer Members are a curated set of individuals who are a very close knit community of entrepreneurs from across the country. We organise special events for Pioneer members which allows us to address specific topics for them while at the same time giving them an opportunity to network with other Pioneers.
Many of the entrepreneurs are eager to get in front of the investor and pitch their startup to get feedback, validation and investment from them. We curate and invite a set of investors who are interested particularly in early stage startups. Demo Day is an event that is the perfect platform for early stage startups to pitch to angel investors.
Premium Pioneer Members
Growing startups need to reach out across this vast country but have a very limited budget at hand to do this. We are introducing member partner program as a way for startups to gain visibility across 20 cities in India at a very low investment. The program allows any startup to effectively Market themselves.
All startups require visibility. Media is one way of attracting attention and gaining visibility. We created our very own media platform in the form of Startups Club Post where you can put up your startup story and have it seem by the strong community of members who are a part of Startups Club. 
Startups Club provides you...
  1. An opportunity to get to know entrepreneurs from 20 cities across India.
  2. Find Support and Connections through the members who are a part of the community
  3. An opportunity to network, to collaborate and share though our online platform and our WhatsApp groups
  4. We also make it easier to get into our events by offering discounts to our pioneer members

We have always been helping entrepreneurs. If you have the resources and need to get in touch with the right customers for your growth; We can offer the perfect solution.

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