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Every startup is unique in what it is building and how it goes about the process of building itself. But there are underlying principles of development which are common to many. The planning and thought process that goes into developing a startup makes a world of difference when it comes to success and failure of startups. 

We at Startups Club have been hand-holding startups for the past 8 years and we have consulted companies for over 1.5 decades. For startups that are in their early stage and looking to take The Next Step, we have created this unique program that prepares you and then provides you an opportunity to get in front of investors and present your startup

Program Coverage

The Next Step

The Program

This section will cover in-depth what the program provides you and how to best take advantage of the program to get the most out of it for your business whether it is to raise money for your venture locally or internationally, we have a program that fits your needs. The objective is it provide you an in-depth understanding of the same.

The Next Step

The Play

This section of the engagement will dive into the details of the business, the business strategy, the business model, the revenue model and the market that you are looking to target. What is your growth plan and how will the growth play out over a period of time. What will be the biggest contributor

The Next Step

The People

Being able to recruit some of the best people and to be able to manage them is important. At the same time being able to constantly manage all of the other people who are stakeholders or get involved with the business at various stages including the investors is very crucial. This segment will help you understand the needs and the skills

The Next Step

The Product

Every investor is looking for a product. This is because products scale quickly. This section will focus on the principles of product development that must be kept in mind when building the solution. Also, how to retain the focus on shipping rather than on building no matter what is the nature of the solution that is being built.

The Next Step

The Presentation

How you describe what you are doing has an equal or perhaps even a greater impact on your investors when it comes to decision making about a venture. What are the things to be kept in mind when pitching and what are the things that typically sway the decisions of an investor in your favour. This section will dive into this in detail

The Next Step

The Process

Once you are set with all of the pre-requisites to be able to raise capital, we need to go through the process of raising the money and getting to the goal. This section will delve in the process in various cases while at the same time also getting you started with the various engagement that can be potentially adopted by you.

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The Next Step

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