Simple steps for Productive Digital Marketing for Startups

19th August 2017

11:00 AM



Webinar - Ahmedabad

Digital marketing is marketing and advertising products, brands and services on the online platform. Startups always believe that it is a very costly affair. This session is all about giving some valuable inputs for our entrepreneurs to understand and work on simple steps forward. There are some simple steps to follow for being productive, like having a clear business objectives, which act as a road map to guide the business throughout company’s operational lifetime. We would guide through maintaining consistency with your content delivery, manage your presence in social media and focusing on your target audience, so that you don’t fall behind and providing you with some much-needed structure in your work day. Commit in handling the task at hand, and take challenges one at a time for the best and more efficient results in your Digital Marketing practices.

With countless separate digital marketing channels available, we focus on individual channels, but an integrated nurturing process can reap dividends.

This meetup is free of cost.

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