Market Access Strategies for Early Stage Startups - PUNE

28th April 2018

11:00 AM


MCCIA Trade Tower - Pune

Startups Club wishes every member and entrepreneur a very productive and super successful 2018. Let’s keep pushing forward!!!

Early stage startups have three very common challenges; generally that is team, customers and money. This January we at Startups Club have decided to focus sessions that will enable our young entrepreneurs to go out there and acquire the first few loyal customers with less or no money and the limited team they might have.

In this session we will discuss the three top most things you need to keep in mind when you sit down to strategies the various ways to access your target market. This two hours session will help you understand to design your strategies, plan and budget them and to have plan of action to go out there and executive it as well. Startups Club every session is about getting tangible outputs for its members, so join us to ensure that the target you have pit for 2018 for your customer base at least goes double.

This meetup is FREE of cost. Kindly come 15 minutes prior for spot registration.

Team Startups Club