Businesses Investors Seek - CHE

24th February 2018

11:00 AM


Courtyard by Marriott - Chennai

Investors invest because there is an end goal they want to reach. Even they do not know whether your business will be successful or not, but, they look for elements which offer them protection. What are these elements? How can you make sure that your business has these aspects built into it. We will talk about the various things we have seen and learnt working with investors for member startups as well as our own.

We will also talk about the reasons the startups have a difficult time raising money. We have been engaging angel investors, seed funds as well as international investors as a consequence of organising Demo Days, we have had to opportunity to look at their decision making process and are intimately aware off the questions and doubts that often arise.

We look at having all of you join us and help us build a strong range of investing opportunities through this community by making each of your startups, an investor friendly Startup.

Looking forward to having you for this meet up.

Team Startups Club