What is SCIN?

    Startups Club Incurator (SCIN) is a program put together by Startups Club for helping, guiding and supporting early stage startups. The program combines the hand-holding required at the stage of Incubation with the rapid growth in customers required at the stage of acceleration.

    Incubation + Acceleration = Incuration

    The program spans 12 months, during which time focused attention is provided to the startups from the perspective of :
    • Product
    • Business Model
    • Finance
    • Strategy
    • Operations
    • Recruitment
    • Marketing & Sales

    Additionally, SCIN also has a small corpus through which it makes investment into some of the companies. We provide a maximum seed capital of USD 100,000 to the startups some of them, that we incurate.

    We also offer a space for a team of 5 to work from for the duration of the program.

    Startups that can benefit from SCIN

    Startups that are in the early stage of their journey, at a pre-revenue or early revenue stage would most be able to benefit from this program. Any startup from any industry will be able to benefit from the support that we can offer and the mentors that we can connect.

    Our broad criteria for selecting startups is:
    • Startups in their first 3 years
    • Companies with a product defined
    • Companies valued at less than USD 2 Million

    We also offer a host of support especially for hardware startups which often requires very specific support.

    What you should be prepared with

    As a startup applying to SCIN you should be clear about the problem you are solving and product offering that you are making for the problem. Once you apply, if we think we can add value to your business, we will invite you to come pitch at our offices. You would need to have a pitch deck. Please find a few examples attached here under.

    Example Presentation Decks

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