Our Programs

At Startups Club we engage in several programs to help support startups and startup founders. During the early days of your business, there are several challenges that startups face we guide startups through the focused mentoring and support that we provide across various segments. We support them not only business but also IT, Digital Marketing, Compliance and Intellectual Property. This wide ranging support along with our ability to introduce startups to investors relevant to their domain makes is possible for them to raise invesment.

We also find it often that many of the startups might be ready in terms of a pitch deck to go to investors but would not have the depth in terms of a business case, financial modeling as well as growth plan. For them we run a rapid next step program to support them and push their understanding of the market as well as the investors to the next level to help them succeessfully make pitches to investors. 


Young Pioneer Membership

Young Pioneers are members who are an idea stage still looking to start - Aspiring entrepreneurs who need the light touch of guidance


Pioneer Membership

Pioneer Members are startups who are going through the challenges and seek to push their venture to the next level and seek support thought the journey