Pioneer Membership

An Early Stage Entrepreneur is expected to take 100’s of decisions in a day that go to make or break their paths towards building a startup. Startups Club recognises the need for an inclusive support system that offers entrepreneurs a host of services that is aimed at making their startup journey that much more easier. Membership also makes you a part of the community, which gives members an opportunity to connect with like-minded people. There are three categories of offering that we have:

This membership is meant for Entrepreneurs who are in the early days of their venture. This membership provides you support and guidance in the form of mentoring – Ability to find co-founders for your venture – Seek out interns to be a part of your team – Gain Knowledge to take informed decisions – Grow your Business through targeted leads and there will be more and more focused features that we will roll out in the coming months.

Member Benefits

Pioneer Membership

Mentoring Hours

Business Mentoring - 8
IT Mentoring - 1
Digital Marketing - 2
Compliance Mentoring - 2
Founder's Time - 2
IP Consulting - 1

Pioneer Membership

Demo Day Pass

One pass is made available free to Pioneer Members to the Annual Demo Day Finale which attracts hundreds of investors and entrepreneurs

Pioneer Membership

Website Listing

We provide our members an opportunity to use to traffic that comes to the Startup Club Website and list their businesses on our site

Pioneer Membership

Growth Tracker

Everyday, founders get lost in the myriad activities their business demands. The growth tracker allows you to measure your growth and see it

Pioneer Membership

Knowledge Session

Each month one new topic is covered in depth as a part of the knowledge session to provide greater perspective

health check

Startup Health Check

One startup health check is offered to to every Pioneer to ensure that all of the compliances and legal aspects of business are in order.

Pioneer Membership

Investor Connect

If your startup is well primed to absorb investment, we introduce you to investors to pitch and try to raise money

Pioneer Membership

Co-Founder Connect

Most founders struggle to find a co-founder. We help you look for them within our community so your search could culminate faster

Pioneer Membership

Intern Connect

Interns find great opportunity to learn at startups and startups are able to augment their teams quickly. We will help you find the perfect interns.