We bring the 5 types of focussed consultancy services, connectivity and we share the responsibility of securing a small portion of accidental expenses and security of your family. Entrepreneurs choose to take a challeging life for themselves, but, why must their families not be secured? Startups Club thinks ahead for all its entrepreneurs, as we are a FAMILY for them....



Annual Benefits

  • Access to Meet-ups to present your company
  • Access to Meet-ups
  • Business Leads Access (passed through emails)
  • Business Leads Access
  • Business Mentoring Hours
  • Business Mentoring Hours
  • Tech Consulting
  • Tech Consulting
  • Compliance Hours (CA, CS & Legal)
  • Compliance Hours
  • Internet Data Card (35 GB / MTH)
  • Data Card
  • Personal Accident Insurance (10 lacs)
  • PAI (10 lacs)
  • Account Book-keeping – Up to 100 Transactions per month
  • Account Book-keeping
  • Access to Knowledge Sessions on Growth Hacking at SCHQ
  • Access to Knowledge Sessions
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