Startups Club started out as a meet-up group and we have never lost touch with our roots. We organise regular meet-ups across cities in India. Meetups are a great way to learn, engage with oterh founders, find co-founders, engage with eco-system players and to meet the team at Startups Club. Being a part of the meetup is incredibly valuable to all whether you are an aspiring founder, a budding startup or an established enterprise. There is something for everyone.

This page lists all of the meetups that we organise so that you can stay up to date about the events and attend the ones that may be on interest to you. Each of the meetups that we organise has a theme to it, please click the event to learn more about it. Also, please take the time to fill out the form if you are interested in the meetup.

We would look forward to meeting you at our meetup!