Blueprint of your Startup Valuation – Workshop by Startups Club

Blueprint of your Startup Valuation – Workshop by Startups Club

For the last 7 years, Startups Club has been successfully building an early-stage entrepreneurs community that has around 50k entrepreneurs registered from across the world, majorly India, we have been bombarded with questions on some of the key aspects on starting out a startup/business by our members. So, we have initiated these weekly workshops on Zoom, that will give you a detailed understanding of every topic. Further to the workshop, if you need support to execute, you will get a 12 months incubation program that supports in EXECUTION of the plans but it is optional, for now, you have a lot that you can understand, ask and plan for yourselves for each of the topics.
Read below the session details this week and if interested, just pay Rs.499/- through this link to block your slot

This week – Blueprint for your Startup Valuation

Most of the times an entrepreneur goes out to put together a valuation report for their startups, only when they are asked the expected valuation by the investors. But, the truth is that a founder needs to always have an understanding of what the valuation is, measure growth the parameters and numbers, as well as look at every aspect of the business through the perspective of valuation. Also, by doing this, you also end up doing good housekeeping internally with compliance issues, with financial planning matters. With Target Group access, customer acquisition plans, founder commitments and team roles. So here in this session, we deep dive to get you prepared to do a valuation for your own startup.
Things that we plan to cover; (all tools will be provided to help you execute the learnings)
  1. What is a Startup and what does Valuation mean?
  2. What is the difference between a startup valuation and a mature business valuation?
  3. Factors that determine a Startup Valuation
  4. Different stages of Funding
  5. Things to consider when you choose the valuation method
  6. The different methods of valuation for a startup
  7. Does a startup need a valuation to be successful?
  8. Common mistakes during the valuation
Expert – Vivek Srinivasan (
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April 3


03:00 pm - 05:00 pm

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