Top 3 Vantage Points to create a Founder’s Profile

Top 3 Vantage Points to create a Founder’s Profile

Founder’s Profile is always taken for granted in the bigger picture of presenting the startup, but if you double click, investors invest on people, customers do business keeping the credibility of the people behind the business, team joins in knowing about the leaders, it is all about the founders.

This session, we focus on the top 3 vantage points that a founder must keep in mind when they are building on their profiles. Investor’s View, Customer’s View and Potential Team Member’s View.

We will double click on all these 3 vantage points, share tools that you can use to build these profiles and finally work with the approach that you can adopt from the day one.

Startups Club Solutions is all about the execution support for you and through these meet-ups we will ensure that you walk-away with a support that will guide you on ground for your growth for each of these topics.

This is a free session and we hope to see many of you.

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February 29


11:00 am - 02:00 pm

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