Institutional Voids – A space for Opportunities Startups can Capture – Workshop

Institutional Voids – A space for Opportunities Startups can Capture – Workshop

Institutional voids are the gaps that exist in specific markets that serve as roadblocks to the ideal interactions and transactions of buyers and sellers.

Absence of information out there in the market that exists is called “Institutional Void”

There is a huge need to provide credible information to bring together buyer & seller of a product / service and is taken for granted most of the time. In this workshop we will show you how to generate this information that is reliable, easily accessible, credible & reproducible… regenaratable For your business to scale. Starting a startup is not enough, scaling it is the key, we teach you how to do it for your idea / startup by filling these institutional voids.

In simple if a doctor can’t find a patient and a patient can’t find a doctor, then the healthcare does not get delivered and the same manner for every buyer and seller

We will cover the following:

1. Recognising Institutional Voids and the opportunities that lie there for an entrepreneur
2. Brainstorming institutional voids that are faced in your field of expertise, country or region.
3. Institutional voids are a site for entrepreneurial opportunity
4. Entrepreneurial Intervention – Achieving Impact at Scale
5. Case Study of Filling an Institutional Void – Alibaba

Soon after your sign-up, we will add you in the delegation group for the workshop and the expert will get you started with the preparations. Post completion of the workshop, we will be available in the group to support you as you proceed to use the tools

Expert for the session – Salma Moosa ( )

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