Webinar – Formula to get Funded

Webinar – Formula to get Funded

Entrepreneurship is not a formula, it is not a course that can be studied in a classroom, it
is not something that can be learnt from others and made successful. It has to be
experienced; it has to be on the ground level that you get your success formulas and
things that did not work for you. Here in this session, we intend to cover some of the
things that have worked for a few out there and few in our community of Startups Club. If
these formulas can help you understand what awaits you as you move ahead, the
objective of this session is surely met.
The top three formulas that have worked for a few for getting funded are;
– Team, Time & Traction
– The product, Promotions & Productivity
– Strategy, Sales & Scalability
As you read those words, you would know, they are not new terms, they are things that
you have never heard of or done before, but doing it together, doing it in that right mix
and making that formula work for you is what makes getting funded easy and more
approachable with investors.

Join us on Skype for the Webinar: vivek.srini

Join in for the most exciting topic, discussions and outcome-oriented meet-up and
remember it is free, but it surely is loaded with value for each one of you.
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February 23


11:00 am - 12:00 pm

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