Professional business communication training is the best insurance for a company to effectively win investment.  No one is born knowing these skills, but anyone can learn to communicate successfully with investorss in international settings.  There is no mystery to the process: it's 95% hard work with the right tools and feedback.  The most effective technique is to develop repeatable processes that can be adjusted for every new situation – and take into account cultural issues.

This winning combination is what this workshop provides as a taster Master Class in Pitching Best Practices.

Participants will be given guidelines for homework and bring to the workshop a 3-5 minute investor pitch. No passive listening, volunteers will be asked to pitch and receive feedback from the workshop leader and his or her peers. Only a few participants will get a chance to practice, and everyone will learn from watching, listening and giving feedback.


  • An understanding of Best Practices in pitching for investment with English speaking investors internationally.
  • A draft pitch that can can be further developed over time, using the Best Practices offered.
  • An understanding of how investors listen, what they listen for, and how to credibly give them what they are looking for.
  • Experience giving and receiving feedback - listening and collaborating - to engage investors.
  • A common vocabulary so that participants can better coach each other after the workshop is finished.


About Annette Kramer

Annette Kramer is a non-executive director and communications consultant who has successfully helped corporates and entrepreneurs secure funding, clients, and new markets in Europe, the US, South America, Africa, India and the Middle East.  Clients include Microsoft, Cisco, the UK Government, the Estonian government, banks, media agencies and executives across industries who want to continually improve their communications skills.

By start-ups, she is known as London's leading “Pitch Mechanic” having helped companies raise millions of pounds, dollars and euros globally.

Annette's expertise includes teaching executives to tell their stories with impact as well as developing innovation programmes in the UK, US, Europe and Asia.  Annette is now considered a thought leader in innovation and leadership, perhaps most notably as the advisor to the Cambridge Centre for Social Equality and 1 of 9 Fellows at St. George's House, Windsor Castle.