• 17th September 2017, 10:00am onwards
  • 4 hours
  • Negotiation - Key Skill for Startups & Entrepreneurs

    • Chennai,
      Krea eKnowledge
      ₹ 3000 / seat

    Event Details

    Profit from a Highly Practical & Powerful Session - A Must for every Startup & Entrepreneur

    Reason Behind the Choice of Topic:
    Negotiation is an important Skill for all Entrepreneurs (and specially Startups) to get the Best Deal while Buying and Selling as well as while Hiring, Firing and Promoting. As a Startup Entrepreneur, it can also have a huge impact while dealing with Investors and Co-founders.

    Yathiraj Agarwal,
    popularly known as Profit Engineer is an Expert in Negotiation as well as highly sought after Negotiation Trainer. Here is an opportunity for you to benefit from his knowledge & experience

    Underlying Concept:

    In every Business (and even more so, if you are a Start-up), Negotiation is one Skill which impacts every single area of your Business and helps you to become more Profitable.

    Content Outline:

    •         Understanding 5 Ws & 1 How of Negotiation

    •         Negotiation, Persuasion and Bargaining

    -     Difference between these 3 terms

    -     When to use What

    -     Moving from one to other with easer

    •         Beliefs Vs Realities behind Negotiations

    -     Why most people hesitate to Negotiate

    -     Advantages and disadvantages of Negotiation

    -     Developing the Right Mind-set/ Attitude

    •         Begin before you begin

    -     Do you know what you want

    -     Do you know what they want

    -     How well you are prepared

    -     Perception is the reality

    -     What gives you the Power

    •         5 Important Steps of Negotiation

    •        Simple & Fail-proof way to start Negotiation

    •       BATNA – Your Life-boat & much, Much MORE …..

    Key Takeaways

    At the end of the workshop, you will be able to:

    1. Ask for a BETTER Deal when Buying anything

    2. Get a HIGHER Price when Selling something

    3. Have more INFLUENCE on Your Spouse/ Parents/ Teenagers

    4. Easily PERSUADE Your Peers, Subordinates and Superiors.

    5. Attract People and INSPIRE them to Follow your Advice

    6. Command more RESPECT from Friends and Colleagues

    7. Become an EXPERT in getting what you want (almost always)


    4 hours


    speaker image

    Yathiraj Agarwal

    Profit Engineer
    Ya Training

    We help Startups & Entrepreneurs to become More Profitable by Increasing their Sales & Improving their Profitability

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