• 16th October 2017, 1:00pm onwards
  • 2 hours
  • Idea Validation

    • Bangalore,
      Startups Club HQ
      ₹ 2000 / seat

    Event Details

    Do you have a Business Idea? Of course you have one, that is the reason you are here on this all entrepreneur exclusive platform. So, let us now work towards getting your idea (s) validated and / or understand how does someone get to choose or decide which idea would be the best for them to be married with for the next at least 5 to 10 years.

    We will touch the 5 aspects of the Idea Validation Process;

    1. How do you look for ideas to build great businesses?

    2. Seek feedback, something that makes or breaks the complete idea of your dreams

    3. Build an MVP ( Minimum Viable Product ) something that will take the least investment and give you the best understanding.

    4. Start building your brand, your identity to your market

    5. Have a clean Customer Acquisition plan penned down by the end of the session

    These 5 steps, will ensure clarity for your way forward. This Knowledge session will give a road map for you to start your execution, from the very next minute.


    Ice Breaker Session

    The 5 Steps by Case Studies

    Q n A Session

    Open for an 1on1 session with expert


    speaker image

    Salma Moosa

    Managing Director / Growth Hacker
    Startups Club Services Pvt. Ltd.

    A Startup Mentor with 25+ years of experience of building businesses across countries. Has been a startup mentor for 10+ years and is a Sales passionate person with a tag of Growth Hacker given by her hundreds of mentees she has mentored from the community.

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