• 3rd January 2018, 11:00am onwards
  • 4 hours
  • Creating story line around your offerings

    • Bangalore,
      Startups Club HQ
      ₹ 2000 / seat

    Event Details

    A lot has been spoken about Sales and creating customers, this is the first of the series where we will teach you on creating a story line for your offerings to your customers. It has been understood from ages that story is remembered and story sells and here we are set to create the right story line for your offerings to your customers, products or services.

    The session is a 4 hour session with an hour lunch break. The costs include the lunch as well.

    The first half you will understand the basics of creating stories, your stories the right way to your target customers. The messaging the points you need to keep in mind as your create them. 

    Post lunch will come to the various approaches you need to have in mind with an objective to increase sales for your businesses. The top three story telling approaches, that includes, your story content, the body language and the tone of your voice, all that sums up to you having a loyal customer for yourself for life.

    We hope to have handpicked attendance of 25 participants for this Knowledge Session, so please do register here today, as it is first come first basis.




    Program Objectives

    Talk on Story Telling overview

    QnA in detail

    Lunch break

    Understanding the need for stories for your offering

    Products and Services and the stories around it

    QnA in detail



    speaker image

    Salma Moosa

    Managing Director
    Startups Club

    Mentor, Growth Hacker, Community Builder, Sales Passionate Entrepreneur & a people's person. 25 Years of experience in making business happen and grow. The Knowledge shared in these sessions are more from the practical ground level experiences of my life.

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