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Startups are constantly seeking to growth often comes with an associated requirement of capital. We have been working with startups fro the past 8 years and have been actively connecting many of them with angels as well as VC funds who are always interested in looking at interesting proposal that we can put in front of them. We most certainly wish to make sure that the startup is prepared to face the investors and has everything in its wherewithal to be able to field all of the questions that will come towards when they do meet with the investors.

The Pioneer Members often spent time with our mentors sharpening their pitch as well as getting inputs on the do’s and the don’ts of making a great pitch. In order to be able to assess the funding requirement and the things that we can do fro the startup, we request you to fill out the investor assessment form given below. This will allow us to understand your business better and get back to you with more pointed questions.

Investor Assessment Form

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