Hi guys this is Bharath i am looking for investore for our ecomrce site which deals with Cakes, Flowers and personalized gifts throughout India

Looking for people intrested in a startup related to Food and Beverage. Need a strong team and a great Co-founder good in finance and an experience in the hospitality sector

  • Dear Pankhuri

    You can connect me I am interested.

  • Hi pankhuri this is bharath we already started eCommerce site if you are ok we will join with you

Dear Members I am an independent consultant for Second Citizenship program in Caribbean islands and Europe. I have successful tie with leading companies to provide quality service to my clients.

I am looking for marketing guys for my venture. If you are interested ping me.


Syed Saddam Mackery

  • Copyright/trademark registration should probably be done right away, as soon as you start. Patents need market proof. Its costly to get and costlier to defend.

  • Hi Anant, Where are you based? I am looking for person with your skill set. We are located in Hyderabad. Give me a call on 9032867017 or share your number for me to call.

Seeking some online education portal marketing suggestions .