Growth Tracker - The Next Up

This is Growth Tracker Form 2 – THE NEXT UP… this is the form that will be used to follow up with you on the progress made on your targets on weekly basis. If you choose to change your annual targets, please fill the Annual Target Form but this form here is the NEXT UP for the weekly updates.

About Growth Tracking – Startups Club and its Pioneer Membership is not just about you being in a mailing list or attending some meet-ups, or getting few connections or about exploring collaborations with co-member. Pioneer Membership is that engagement that is inclusive to an extent of fueling your startup growth, about having the founder’s back in some of the worst challenging situations and its about having a place to turn to at your time of need or for your successes as you move on with your journey.

We at Startups Club will track your growth, have follow-up mails sent on your targets and also explore giving you timely finger pointing towards the direction, because we understand that as early stage entrepreneurs, it is very easy for us to get distracted, derailed or even at times totally blacked out in regards to what needs to be done.

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In these 30 min sessions, we will quickly double click on the challenge you are facing, figure a solution together and have a POA to start working on it. Session will be on: Meeting ID: 382 835 9929 Password: 392254