Startups Club is proud to collaborate with the Republic of Estonia's e-Residency program to help Indian entrepreneurs establish companies in the European Union.
Estonia is best known for the state-of-the-art technologies that it has been able to incubate and the progressive e-governance that they have been a result of it. Do you know Estonia is the only country that holds its elections online and is the per-capita startup hub of the world? Estonia offers the opportunity to anyone, anywhere to take advantage of the incredible opportunities that Estonia as a country and European Union in general has to offer through its e-Residency Program.
The primary reason why people apply for e-Residency is to run a trusted, location-independent EU business possible completely online with all the tools needed to conduct business globally. With e-Residency, you can register a company online, apply for a digital business banking account, conduct e-banking, access online payment providers, digitally sign documents and contracts, and declare Estonian taxes - all with the click of a button online from anywhere in the world.
To apply, please visit Applicants from India may pick up their government issued digital ID cards at The Embassy of the Republic of Estonia in New Delhi.


Advantage Estonia

Operate inside the EU

  • Access EU based business banking and international payment providers
  • Take full advantage of the EU Single Market and legal framework
  • Estonia‚Äôs membership of the EU, NATO, OECD and the eurozone provides trust and stability

Work Anywhere

  • Each e-resident is the full owner of their company without the need to pay a third party representative or hire a local director
  • Digital signing among multiple co-founders makes business management and investments easy
  • All contracts can be signed digitally, avoiding the need for paper and travel

Minimise costs and avoid hassle

  • Digital incorporation through trusted e-Residency service providers is low-cost, fast and convenient
  • Bureaucracy and paper based administration are eliminated, giving you more time to grow your business
  • Estonia has the most competitive tax environment among the OECD, empowering rapid growth