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5th and 6th December 2020, Bangalore

For the past 7 years, we at Startups Club have been putting together the Demo Day in order to enable the connect between startups, entrepreneurs and investors. Over the years we have seen several successful startups come through the Demo Day. While we have conducted the event across various cities in the past, we had restricted the Demo Day to Bangalore alone during the past couple of years.

This year we are going back to the cities and picking some of the best from the cities. The Finale will be held in Bangalore at the end of the year.

You can sign-up to be a part of the City Demo Day and Participate to pitch your startup. The finalists will be chosen for these city pitches to pitch at the finale.

You can also pick up your pass to the Finale in Bangalore. 

City Demo Days

August 8 2020

Kochi, a city of natural beauty is also transformed into the statup capital of Kerala. We take our Demo Day to the city to meet some of the interesting startups in the city

August 22 2020

Home of BuzzFeed, Indore has a fast evolving tech ecosystem and we want to se what jewels are hidden in there

September 5 2020

Hyderabad has fast emerged the city for tech innovation with multiple companies chosing to base their R&D centers out of the city. Startups follow...

September 12 2020

The City of SaaS startups, Chennai has been a very important city to us at Startups Club. There are always interesting startups to look at in the city.

September 19 2020

Pune has been evolving into a startup powerhouse. With industry, institutions and ample support, the city is firing on all cylinders.

Sepember 26 2020

Called the Silicon Valley of India, Bangalore sees the greatest startup activity and is the city we call home. Always seeking to meet more startups.

Past Winners

EventsHigh - 2015

Vicara - 2016

Vacus - 2017

Modulus - 2018

RoboChef - 2019

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