December 15th (Saturday) & 16th (Sunday), 2018, @ KTPO, Whitefield, Bangalore

Biz Experience Space (50+ Business Stalls)

The Palate (40+ Food Stalls)

Interaction Space (Networking Zone)

All Free Event Access Plus

The Grand Stage Space (10k seating Auditorium)

The Garage (4 Themed Workshops)

Rs.500/- Food Credits to purchase at The Palate









The only way to predict your future is to CREATE it…

Startups Club in collaboration with Startups India announces THE BIGGEST STARTUP EVENT, ever conducted in India this December. A weekend that will bring entrepreneurs, startup founders from different Industries across the country.

After the phenomenal success of Demo Day 2017, with entrepreneurs and business owners from 43 cities in India, this year we are bringing together more than 10,000 decision makers from across the globe on this platform to celebrate the ‘Spirit of Entrepreneurship’.

Our Speakers will hold you to the edge of your seats, the sessions will make you understand the depth of industries and the challenges they have been through. We assure that you will step out of this space by being truly motivated, by gaining knowledge of technologies that you have always hoped to explore and by connecting with young and seasoned founders, who have taken every challenge and handled it with courage and faith to achieve their dreams.

Discover investors, customers, partners and collaborators.

Demo Day is one such event that has given wings to thousands of entrepreneurs. In the last 6 years of its baby steps it took to reach where it is this year, it is well positioned to become a festival, a celebration of collaborations and productive associations to all those present.

You have to attend to experience,

You have to be a part of it to take the best,

You have to join us to be a part of creating HISTORY…

A journey of a thousand miles begins from the first step…

January 2018, we started our journey to visit every part of India that we could, to find the entrepreneurs and the crazy ones. We built relationships, we formed associations, we learnt and gave knowledge. And as we did this, we left behind a dream and a hope to be at this Demo Day in December…

Our eco-system partners played a key role in helping us on ground. We have tasted the amazing local foods, the warmth of hospitality, the beautiful stretches of roads with endless miles of landscapes across the country. Every inch of this beautiful nation says a million things about the fire that exists in this eco-system and this is what we intend to showcase to the world through this event as delegations from across the world reach India at this Demo Day.

Travel this journey with us virtually and check the places we have been to and don't miss our super amazing eco-systems partners mentioned below…They are the enablers of this eco-system…

We travelled over 27,830 kms

The eco-system owes a lot to these great brands, who have spent decades of effort, developed amazing technologies, created millions of jobs and built this country brick by brick and today with the craziness and madness of startups coming in, our young entrepreneurs need the strong support and hand holding of these brands. We at Startups Club build this strong bridge between our prestigious Partners and Startups.

We build Communities within Communities. We provide deep technology support and bring about programs, products and offerings from these brands to our startups. We also make these brands adopt, become large and be special customers to our startups, who are the best fit for the brands… yes, it has happened… many times And so you can imagine what is will happen this year…


The Grand Stage

A space that will bring to you some world class discussions by the whose who of the world. You will be a part of this space along with at least 6000+ more dynamic minds seated in this enclosed, only by “Paid Access” entries. Pick your Pass through the link provided below

The Palate

There will be a blend of established entities and food-related startups having kiosks throughout the duration of the event (Food coupons to be purchased at entry)

Biz Experience Space

Every brand has a story to tell and it is you, who will make these stories into realities. Don’t forget to spend at least 15 minutes in each of these 50+ spaces, because these business owners have spent a lifetime to make their stories happen.

The Garage

Long time back, some of our best business examples, our Unicorns, our dream leaders started from a Garage, so there was no better way to name our themed Workshop spaces as The Garage… Stay tuned, we will specify the details of the workshops to be conducted here

Interaction Space

Every thought needs a companion to make it a dream, every dream needs a hand shake to make it into a reality. This space is where you make collaborations happen, acquire customers and gain connections. Enjoy this space. Hey, walk tall with pride, after all you are the crazy one

The Voice

Here we provide every brand, attendee and all of you a space to be heard and it is from this space that our Media Houses will be stationed to unveil your story to the world

The Lounge

With 150 global influencers, this is highly restricted space for these prestigious individuals from across the globe. They have travelled miles in their journey, smiled at many failures, took many more successes with humility and are here, to spread their experience to you. This space is exclusively for these special VVIP guests of Demo Day


The other sections would host some exciting hourly activities through the two days;
(Eg: Lucky dips, Surprise Celeb Visits, Brand recollection activities)

The other sections would host some exciting hourly activities through the two days;
(Eg: Lucky dips, Surprise Celeb Visits, Brand recollection activities)


Shridhar Rajaram
Subinder Khurana
Rahul Narvekar
Vivek Mansingh
Anil Chhikara
Sushmita Sen
Subrat Pani
Mustafa PC
Abhijit Bhaduri
Boman Irani


Krishnakumar P
Ganapathy Venugopal
Sree Sivadasan
Nagaraja Prakasam
Michael Marks
Balachandran A
Mahesh Bhalla
Arun Raghavan
Krishnan S Iyer
Shashank Kumar
Nikesh Garera
Ganesh Laxminarayanan
Guhesh Ramanathan
Rajesh Sehgal
Pravin Shekar
Dorai Thodla


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