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Salma is a person that you can only describe as a DOER. She is a execution centric individual who has over 3 decades of business experience. Salma started her career at her father’s R&D enterprise but quickly developed to take on the development of the international business for the company. She worked extensively at the time on intellectual property development as well as the cross-border sale of these properties.

After this stint she moved on to the world of consulting working across sectors and verticals, creating value for her clients while taking on work of turn-key nature. Being a execution centric individual she has always been focused on getting things done for her company as well as those of her clients. 

She has worked with thousands of entrepreneurs and met with ten times as many. She is a person who would assist founders from the perspective of execution, pushing to get things done and deliver value to the company. 

Co-Founder Startups Club

Business Mentoring

Co-Founder Startups Club

Business and IT Mentoring

Vivek started his career 15 years ago as a retail consultant. His work thereafter has given him an opportunity to work across several industries and verticals. His inherent strength lies in being able to dissect business models and strategise the way forward. After co-founding Startups Club he has worked with over 1000 entrepreneurs over the past 8 years, has raised money for his own ventures and has also been a part an investment committee of a fund. 

He is also well versed with product development life cycles and guides entrepreneurs with their product development. While he does little coding, he understand the dynamics of running a team of developers and the challenges that it can pose having done that over the past 4 years.

He is a person you would like to turn to if you want to project the way forward from your starting point and debate various ways of doing things within your business.

Mr. Adil Ghani is a Post Graduate in Marketing and Sales Management with work experience of over 30 years in Marketing & Sales. Presently, the Founder & Managing Director of Wedoeconsult Pvt. Ltd.(Digital Marketing Solution providers) and Proprietor of Rainbow Hospitality (Travel Portal). 

In his earlier assignments as an employee, he has held positions from Marketing Trainee to Vice-President and has worked for prestigious companies like Oracle University, SQL Star International, Aptech, The Times of India, Indian Express etc. Mr. Ghani has also travelled worldwide and served in the international markets of Singapore, the UAE and the Sultanate of OMAN.

Mr. Ghani is a Certified Business Mentor and has been Mentoring Founders of Startups in India with GINSERV and Startups Club. He has a pleasant and positive personality that combines well with his vast and varied work experience that helps Individuals and teams in achieving their goals smoothly. His businesses have excellence awards in the past and was featured in the Silicon India Magazine.

Adil Ghani

M. D. WeDoEconsult

Business Mentoring & Digital Marketing

Avishek Kedia

Managing Partner, Airful

Business and IT Mentoring

With deep experience in using the internet and modern technology to build global businesses, I have built startup companies from scratch in sectors like wearable tech, software development and digital marketing.

I come with a holistic approach to culture building and scaling an organization, grounded in Ken Wilber’s Integral Theory and a reverence for effective marketing. In spare time, I mentor early-stage entrepreneurs in the fields of digital marketing, business development and technological awareness.

This is Aishwarya, chartered Accountant cum company secretary. I’m an all indian ranker in CA & CS. I’m into practice for the past two years. In these years my main focus has been to be as a guide to startups in handling their compliances, advising them on their financials and doing a SWOT analysis from finance perspective. I act as a support for top management during their time of raising funds wherein all the legal work will be handled smoothly and also help in managing their taxes. Following are the other services handled by me:
1. Company incorporations
2. Income tax filings
3. Gst management
4. Internal audits
5. Company audits
6. Tax audits
7. Due diligence
8. Roc works
9. Advisory
10. Handle Various other legal compliances


Chartered Accountant

Compliance Mentoring

Adithya Raju

Partner, Kolapasi

Business Mentoring

Adithya Raju initially struck the chord with his partner to start “KOLAPASI TAKEAWAY” a 7 year old chain of retail food outlets delivering south Indian home cuisine food. From then to now where he finds himself in 6 different brands in the F&B space and believes in a very structured approach of working, setting standards, systems and processes in place.

Adithya has 15 years of experience in IT Management, Finance & Operations. He is now known for his Start-up & business consulting in the areas of sustainability, financial planning, business modelling, crisis management, scalability, operations management and brand promotion.

Coming from an agriculture background, he ensured to not let go his family strengths by supporting farmers, producing and distributing Organic products and creating a self-sustainable livelihood for agriculturists in the ecosystem. Have been keen in bringing back farmers to agriculture, ensuring the ancestral knowledge of farming is cascaded to the upcoming generations, bringing awareness on the importance of Agriculture.

Sukin graduated as a Mechanical Engineer. He has over 10 years of experience in Manufacturing Industries and is the founder of  Toolxprez, a B2B procurement platform for manufacturing companies.
Started from scratch as a Solo founder and grew his startup 10X in 8 months.
Recently received Emerging Company Award and has been featured as Startups of the year 2019.Also a certified mentor at Startups club, has mentored more than 50 early stage startup founders.
Sukin helps early stage founders from idea stage to launch. He has helped many founders to launch their startup and acquire first customers. Sukin also mentors manufacturing and hardware startups to launch their business. 

Sukin Shetty

Founder, ToolExpress

Business Mentoring

Nayyan Mujadiya

Co-Founder, WeCcarryy

Business Mentoring

He is An Entrepreneur (CoFounder of WeCcarryy), A Mentor for early-stage startups guiding and supporting them to successfully navigate their startup journeys and help them grow professionally and personally. A certified Mentor from the startups club mentoring startups. 

A Mentor of change with the Atal Innovation Mission mentoring students in technology and innovation. A consultant specializing in cutting edge technologies like the Internet of Things (IoT),Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence and helping businesses in their digital transformation.

A trainer conducting workshops and courses on, IoT, Machine Learning. Product Management for startup founders. Love working with young minds. I conduct workshops for youngsters aged 09 to 18 years in physical computing with Raspberry Pi and coding in languages like Scratch, Python, etc which helps them develop creative thinking, analytical reasoning, problem-solving and innovation skills.

Dr. Lipika Sahoo, Founder & CEO of Lifeintelect Consultancy Pvt. Ltd., having 20 years of experience in academia and industry in the areas of technology, innovation & intellectual property. She holds a PhD from Indian Institute of Science (IISc). She holds triple masters; MSc from Sambalpur University, Odisha; PGDIPR from National Law School of India University (NLSIU), Bangalore; PGCBM from Xavier Institute of management (XIMB), Bhubaneswar, and advanced Certifications from World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO). She is also an alumna of IIM, Bangalore and a registered Indian Patent & Trademark Agent.

Her specialties include research, technology development, Intellectual property rights, product development, strategic management, system efficiency, mentoring and consultancy, entrepreneurship and technology consulting.

Lipika Sahoo

Founder, Lifeintelect

IP Mentoring

Ritu Ranganayaki

Chartered Accountant

Compliance Mentoring

” CA Ranganayaki Rangachari  (Rama)

Partner – Ritu Ranganayaki & Co., Chartered Accountants

A commerce graduate from the University of Madras -1996
Cost & Management Accountant  from ICAI – 1996
Company Secretary  from ICSI – 1999

Chartered Accountant  from ICAI -2002

A Finance Professional having vast and varied experience of more than 17 years of experience working in India and China in Retail, Offshore survey, shipping , PE and  media Industry.”

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