Why SaaS is the way forward for Healthcare

Starting a business, even in healthcare, is a challenging journey. It involves managing and juggling through a lot of tasks, roles and responsibilities. But there are always roles and responsibilities that are more vital and core for your business than other. Focusing more on them but not ignoring the rest is a challenge.
“Delivering quality care to patients should be the cornerstone for any healthcare organisation”

Patients, like customers, demand quality in the services provided, and as more and more competition grows, it becomes extremely difficult to differentiate from the crowd. Also, large amount of time is invested into managing and streamlining quality, daily operations and matching revenues.

So that’s where information technology helps best, to setup processes and streamline daily activities with little or no error in reporting. IT has changed the industry landscape and has powered & helped millions of healthcare providers to deliver their quality promise.

But, setting up IT infrastructure has its own challenge. Some listed below,

Finding the right solution

Finding the right vendor or product is a big challenge and involves thorough evaluation, good understanding of technology

High Infrastructure Overheads

Setting up a IT system for your business involves a lot of investment into IT infrastructure. From Servers, Backup Servers to IT Team and other overheads.

Maintenance & Security

No two words are more frowned upon by management than these two, but they cannot be ignored. Most businesses spend more on maintaining software and preventing security loopholes over time than the entire software cost. If ignored they can jeopardise the entire business.


How to make sure the solutions will be future ready, supporting newer technologies like mobile & tablets today, smartwatches tomorrow?

Software as a Service (SaaS) to the rescue

SaaS is a licensing model designed to address all the above concerns and more.

A SaaS licenced software makes it easy for businesses to invest and get started easily. The most important part of starting the business is to focus on your core, and to have reliable partners to do the rest.

Service model for Softwares makes it easy for customers to get started with vendors. Also, since the vendors have a profit only after maintaining the customers longer, they are expected to give much better service than other traditional competitors.

Reducing Initial Investment

Businesses during starting up, even in healthcare, have to invest wisely, SaaS solutions make it a clear advantage over traditional models.

No Maintenence & Security Overheads

SaaS Products are designed to be out of the box solutions which include support, maintenance and security upgrades.

Future Proof!

The SaaS model works as a ever upgrading and improving solution, so that they stay ahead of the competition and the customers always get the latest upgrades.

Catching with new Regulations & Compliances

One of the biggest challenges in healthcare IT is to keep up with new updates and regulations, SaaS companies use that as hook, by keep themselves up to date with latest compliances & regulations.

SaaS products become an obvious choice for anyone who is starting his business or someone who wants to get on to the high lane and upgrade. This will essentially help businesses focus on their core and invest more wisely.

The flexibility of SaaS combined with the power & scalability Cloud together will make it the most preferred choice for upcoming businesses in healthcare.