What we are learning from our members

We conduct meetups across 10 cities in India and we have been collecting this data for the the past couple of years to try and understand the nature of members as well as the state of entrepreneurship that we are able to draw from this wide sample set. We conduct about 100 Meetups every year and there is a skew towards the cities in the south since these are closer to us. Typically each meetup is attended by 30 to 70 people depending on the topic and the day of the event (weekday vs weekend). Here is what we have been learning.   In most of our meetups approximately 50% attendees are aspiring entrepreneurs. In most cases aspiring entrepreneurs are those who are confused amongst few ideas and how to go about it. They are those energetic people who have a lot of enthusiasm but might not be well-guided. So, when they turn up to one of our meet-ups they get a feel of the kind of support and mentoring we provide along with networking and in most cases they decide to take it forward with our Pioneer Membership. This a glass half empty VS half full scenario. While half of them seem to have taken the plunge and decided to go deeper into their entrepreneurial journey which consists of its trials and tribulations. At the same time, there is also just as many who are still considering and trying to get their feet wet to see how things really are. The media buzz combined with all of the policy announcement that the government has been making has certainly given a fillip  to entrepreneurship.   In the past 4 years of Startups Club, numerous relationships were build which slowly made us a reliable place that the entrepreneurs turn to when in need. This position was not given to us in a day or two. Continuous support, guidance, mentoring and even funding in short being there for our members whenever required is what has given us the trustworthy tag now. We want to reach out to as many people around the globe and help them with whatever we have and extend our entrepreneurial family. We believe in delivering what we have promised and the test of delivery was the renewals that we saw in the month of July, which stood at 86% of our existing members renewing their yearly membership subscription. This gives us a live example of the relationship we’ve build with them and supporting them in their journey. To research about the people who did not renew their annual research, we tried to get in touch with them and it helped us to know that 11% of the people had shut their startups or dropped the venture they were pursuing. After all the entrepreneurship keeps claiming its victims.