Weekly post by Startups Club Post 3

For decades we have been busy ripping up the Ozone. This has resulted in the Sunscreen business. 100 years ago, nobody needed sunscreen. Can sunscreen be natural? Nature seems to finds its ways! Two species of flora from Antarctica is found to have properties to block uv rays not only in human beings but also in other plants that are vulnerable to UV radiation. The research could lead to a variation of sunscreen. Read more… Our power to influence nature has been growing for centuries. We are at the fountainhead of being able to influence evolution itself. Designing clothes, shoes, houses and even cars is quite normal but designing babies? This might be a new reality now. A leaked research paper has given a hint to the new world of possibilities. Read more and tell us your views. This is an absolutely delightful experiment in psychology and economics. Would you be willing spend more for the same thing just for the sake of patriotism? Are you willing to forego money that could stay in your pocket just to create more jobs? American Apparel is offering two versions of their clothes, which look identical to see if Americans are willing to pay more for 'Made in USA'. I hope they publish the results! Self-driven cars can reduce the chances of accident to a great percentage as most of the mishaps happen because of human errors but on the contrary the billions of dollars earned from fines collected from traffic rules violations will vanish. What is this going to mean for the governments of the future. What kind of gap would it cause in their revenue? Are there others sources of income that depend on human fallibility that would also disappear with the advent of AI? Read in details… An absolute must read. A delightful story of when Elon Musk was just another guy struggling to get his startup up and about. Another great time capsule. Amazon had bought a social network in 1998 and they could not see its true potential and hence took the features they were interested in and then killed it! The entrepreneur matters more than the idea. I often see this; multiple teams that come pitch similar (same) ideas to me, while they do not know each other. The idea does not make one successful or the other.