Weekly Post by Startups Club Post 1

AI Trucks A commitment has been made by that 2020, the way things are transported from one place to another will be transformed with self-driven trucks that produces zero emission and there’s no room for driver at all. This is the future vision which will slowly take away the boring repetitive jobs and give it to the artificial intelligence creating more room for the jobs related to non-repetitiveness and creativity. To know more   AI creating Jobs As we have been listening to different types of experts saying that artificial intelligence is taking away jobs. Here is an interesting case of a cupcake ATM which will change your view about how artificial intelligence works. In this case people who used to serve or take orders will lose their jobs but since getting cupcakes are becoming so easy with cupcake ATMs more chefs are required to make a larger amount of cupcakes. That’s why the monotonous job of taking orders or serving the cupcake is replaced by a job which is more valued and more creative i.e, making of the cupcakes. So, as this research sheds light that AI is not just taking away the jobs but in some cases creating more valued jobs that are less monotonous in nature and explores the potential of the human beings . Read in detail   GST promoting Robotics Before GST was implemented different states had different types of taxes. So, if a company had a warehouse in one state and the office is in some different state they had to pay the taxes in both the states and that’s why the companies had small warehouses all around the country to avoid various taxes. But with the implementation of GST, the possibilities of bigger warehouses is increasing and in turn the startup which automates settling of commodities using small mobile devices within a warehouse is expecting a breakthrough in their sales.  In bigger warehouses, small machines which takes commodities from one place of the warehouse to another place will be of great utility and time saving , giving the startup a greater chance to flourish. Read