Urban Trippie - Changing the way you plan your weekend

Hectic work hours and never ending tasks at hand, 10-11 hours of chasing targets, meeting clients and meeting the requirements of demanding jobs have set off strain reactions such as stress, fatigue, negative moods, which in turn have drained focus and has affected the physical and emotional well-being of an individual. Monotonous life. No time for Friends. No time for Family. Plans being made and never executed. Hardly any time for leisure. This is the story in every home in the city now. In a city like Bangalore, over 2 hours are gone in travelling to work and back home. The weekends are gone in wrapping up household work, lazying around, sleeping and thinking of going for the long-time-ago-planned drinks and dinners or catching up on some random movies. No time to explore. No time to plan. No time to breathe. The solution to all this is Urban Trippie, a city exploration application envisioned by married couple, Suraj Shetty and Sanma Shetty. The app is a one-stop shop platform for all the best joints in the city under the Food, Entertainment and Recreation vertical. Having studied MBA in Finance and worked with Cisco in USA, Suraj intended to come back to India and startup in Bangalore, a city he had loved always. On the other hand, with a history of businesses in the family, be it her own father’s, uncles’ or cousins’, Sanma who studied MBA (Marketing), grew up around entrepreneurs and was aware of the risks, challenges and struggles it entailed. She always dreamt of running her own venture too, working for her own than chasing someone else’s dream. But chase she did eventually, her husband’s dream, a vague idea called ‘The Lazy Traveller’, which is now called Urban Trippie. They both would like to spend time outdoors and explore the city, but were always stuck at the “Where to go?” and “What to do?” questions. The usual drill would be go to Google, research places, look for reviews on social media and in the end haggle over which place should they finally end up going. This process of discovery and decision making would take up all the time, that could have been well spent if there was a quicker way to find this information and proceed with the outing experience. They observed that this problem was a very common issue among many other folks and that was the Aha moment for the birth of Urban Trippie. Sanma recalls, “Many said husband and wife starting off may not be a good idea, but I did not agree to that, coz the fact that we both had put everything at stake showed what Urban Trippie meant to us”. They found their tech co-founder in Prakash Sadashivaiah, an ace Android Developer, through Suraj’s mutual friend. Passionate about developing mobile applications, this guy is all things technology. Unlike other platforms, Urban Trippie is not a listing portal, rather it takes user preferences and creates instant outing itineraries based on his/her choice of location, thereby saving time and energy spent in going to multiple sites for reviews and planning your hangouts in the city. The app is currently available on Android and operational in the city of Bangalore with over 100 users since their launch two weeks back. With its strategic alliances with other major players in the market, Urban Trippie has already brought in Movie ticket booking via Book My Show. It will be rolling out Table reservation capabilities through their partnership with Dineout. Furthermore, they will enable users to book all recreational activities on their platform by directly tying up with activity providers and other leisure establishments. These elements will make it a one-stop shop solution for all leisure needs. Suraj and Sanma have bootstrapped Urban Trippie so far with collective funds. They plan to scale to other metro cities in years to come. With an intention to strengthen their user base and reach out to their prospect users, they are looking to eventually move into the experience business, wherein they want to churn out start-to-end personalized plans for people looking to celebrate their special occasions like Birthdays, Anniversaries and even Corporate Team outings. Their dream? Everytime people think of spending quality leisure time with friends and family, they should say - “Hey lets head out with Urban Trippie!”   Go Trippin! Download the app For more information please visit here Follow us on - Facebook - Twitter - Instagram - LinkedIn Watch the Urban Trippie demo video on YouTube -