Goodbye is never easy but needed…

Goodbye is never easy but needed…

I do read, not much but I do and I read things that connect with me, with my journey, my experiences and my life. Recently, I started digging out content on “Saying Goodbye” and why would I do that???

I am just a week or more away from my 50th Birthday, in this COVID world, I do not think I would have ever imagined that I would be one from the generations that witnessed the human race fall on its knees to something so invisible, so new, something that made us realise life in a new meaning completely. Essentials got redefined from a trip abroad to a clean hand, schedules got redesigned from over lapping meetings to an late morning and a casual walk around the park, relationships become so much more needed as we got pulled away with social distancing, business places that were shown off as the most lavish ones lay empty and vacant. So, we started this journey of saying a Big Goodbye to so many things in our life, like businesses, jobs, habits, relationships, trips, needs and the list continues…

So, I started reading about Goodbye, how does it all work, what stays with us for life when you wave away to things / people and move on. Will it leave us anytime, can we move away completely, should we move away completely?

Something that I read today morning made so much more sense, a Goodbye is needed to make space for something better in your life. As you start passing through things day after day, week after week, year after year, you tend to forget that there are better things ahead for you and you succumb to a habit and then, even if it becomes worthless, toxic and starts to pull you down, you continue to stick around. It is important to take stock every now and then, let it be your business, your relationships, your habits, your health and your choices. When you do, do it with complete sincerity & be true to yourself and in its true sense see what it is doing to yourself first and then to others involved. If it is not giving positive results, happy and healthy relationships, growth in its own way, it is a sign for you to say Goodbye, it is time to clear the space for better things and the same would happen to others involved as well. They would see better things come to them as well.

Will it hurt, oh hell, it will, will it be hard, totally, but it is important for you to pass through it and see the path ahead. There will be parts of the whole experience always with you, those you would carry, you cannot forget them ever. All you can do is keep the best memories as your inspiration and the most challenging moments as your lessons and start your journey with faith that there is a BETTER TOMORROW….

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  1. Shuba

    Goodbyes are needed to exit and start new.Just like trees shed their leaves we need to shed our negatives and breathe fresh positivism.
    Only we humans cling on to our burdensome memories.tell your byes at the right time, right way and to the right person

    1. Salma Moosa

      Thank you Shuba for the comment and totally agree to what you state here…

  2. Monique

    This is a powerful reminder of the new life that is given birth from ashes. Some may immediately think of the legend of the phoenix. But there are less mythical-based examples of this which occur, for example the forest fires here in Alberta. They naturally occur and cause a cleansing in the aftermath of which new life springs up.

    Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts with us Salma. And also to Shuba. One love.

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