The Weekly Post by Startups Club Post 6

In the early 1900s it was a big deal if you could make a car and there were very few cars on the road. As the century progresses more and more people started using cars and accidents started happening more often. This prompted the US Government to come up with a  means by which they should protect the drivers and hence, we have Airbags. We have been living in a similar kind of an era when it comes to Artificial Intelligence. If you can make AI work, bravo! But as AI becomes more prevalent, it is important to look at all sides of the coin. We need to start thinking about regulating it.   Our vision is derived from the way in which our brain interprets the light that it receives through the eyes. Just like when you wear shades, the world looks different; similarly your brain shades your thoughts and you see the world differently depending on how you think.   I have been saying for the past year that Autonomous Vehicles (AV) will be the biggest money spinner in the history of this planet. While companies like Uber and Google have their own program and have been fighting over brining AV to the market. A small company has been deploying AV for consumer use. Lyft partnered them. Who will got to market with AV first? Are you doing anything related to AV?   Solar power has found huge applications and with the rising development of solar power plants it is becoming obvious that the cost of Solar, which is already down, will only go down further. To add to that there is the advantage of being environmentally friendly. Both China and India have taken policy measures and have invested heavily on bringing solar to the market. In the meantime, in both countries coal power suffers. How many working on developing newer solar tech? Given the heavy use of glass in modern buildings this company is trying to turn every building into a solar power plant!   While the rest of the world continue to work on wearables that are worn on the body, there is a segment of researchers working on implanting the sensors in your body. Take a look at this interesting glucose sensor that hides in the form of a tattoo.   I loved this article. If you are an Apple developer , you could download the WWDC app and watch this talk. If not, it is available here for you to read. Apple got some A list hard hitters as speakers at the WWDC this year!