The Weekly Post by Startups Club Post 4

  Human behaviour is the key to building any sustainable business. It is important to understand what people are gravitating towards in order to be able to sell to them. The trend seems to be taking a shift, the West is being more conscious while the East is moving towards conspicuous. How will this affect business in the future? I have spent a lot of time earlier in my career staring at hours of video tapes trying to see if anything is happening in a retail store. It is by far the most boring and mind-numbing work that one can do. Apparently spies face the same issue, hence AI. Imaging looking at a railways station live stream for hours to spot the one suspicious activity. We all know how attentive the people in the security rooms are, the people at intelligence agencies cannot be that casual! #ThisDeservesAutomation Building stuff that is meant to go to space on Earth is an uphill task. The nature of tolerances that are permitted for a structure to be able to support humans in space is very high and achieving these are incredibly hard and take a lot of precision on earth where things are predictable. Trying to do that in space is near impossible. I do not know how they plan to pull this off! India is making a big push for electric vehicles and Tesla is plugging it nicely in India. Getting the manufacturing infrastructure in India is going to be a huge boon for the eco-system and the allied innovation possibilities in the country. It is extremely important to follow this and see possibilities of becoming a part of this value chain. Nature has given us some of the best solutions to some of the hardest problems. The reason for this degree of excellence is because nature takes its time and arrives at the solution over a long period through many iterations. Our ability to piggy back on nature is critical to our development. This is a huge step in both miniaturisation and utilisation of nature and I think in the future military will take huge advantage of this. Amazon bought a retail chain. Frankly there was no way to survive in this business without having the distributed warehouses. This was already predicted in this video, there was absolutely no way to cater to the hyperlocal requirements and enter the grocery business where inventory is perishable without having a local warehousing solution. Amazon will destroy the grocers across USA now. They will take all the value that there is to take away from the business.