The first employee we did not recruit

Startups, founders, passion, need for perfection, the wish to just know every thing that happens in your startup and just make it a bit more perfect, the final touch. We all understand this, right? All of us who started from a problem, set out to solve and today are making a business out of it, see things that way. I believe every founder goes through this phase of having a problem to delegate, so did we. Our mentors kept asking us to delegate and we kept pushing, thinking and totally believing that we are the super heroes and we will do it ourself and also get the required results. it does take time but it does hit on us, that we might be the super heroes but we must delegate. The best of champions are those who learn to delegate and see their startup grow many folds than what they had ever imagined.
But when it does happen, there are these special moments which you need to cherish. One of that is the fact that a new team member gets added in the team, by your team and you are not aware of what kind of a person he/she is. One such case is, one of our team members, Bhuvesh Lal, who was interviewed and taken by our Pioneer Members Wing, Department head. We the founders met with him all most one week down the line and it was an amazing experience and feeling to see him, well adjusted to the culture, well tuned with his work, so aware of every one in the team, very clear about us, the founders and here we shook hands with him, in my mind, I could hear a voice say - “So, its you, our first team member, we did not recruit”.
It had happened, it was a great feeling, I could not stop my self from remembering those interviews I would conduct, searching for the best, fearing that the team would never understand the passion behind Startups Club, love for its members, the ownership of its Pioneer Members, we would some times let go some of the best candidates, just because of our fears. And, here we are, face to face with a team member, who we had never met and watching him work his way so smoothly with the rest of the team, talk about his role in the company with such passion and meet up with his goal with an ease. We were so proud of our team, so proud of him and above all so proud of us, the founders of Startups Club.
Entrepreneurs, are a rare kind of species. One side of us, we set out to change the world, to build the world’s most dynamic company and bring about opportunities to so many out there and on the other side, we are so tied up to let go, let go of our basic work responsibilities in our company, we want to ensure every big or small things are passed by us. We have to LET GO… We have to ensure we pass down a culture for the team. A culture which spells a part of you in each of the team members. That is one of the biggest responsibilities of a successful entrepreneur. Not just find a solution to a problem and know how to make money out of it, but also to build an A Class team for their startup, which is clear of what they are building, which believes in their work and takes ownership on what they are doing and this continues for generations. Building a great startup is just a start, leaving behind a great business must be the end goal..