Tek Tak - Moving Atoms; The next Trillion

What is bringing the next big change? The past 20 years were arguably defined by the internet. Since the launch of Netscape in 1995, the internet has captivated the imagination of entrepreneurs and investors alike. There were several infrastructural pieces that had to be put in place and this created a plethora of opportunities for entrepreneurs.

I argue that the next 20 years is going to be about moving real world objects - Moving Atoms. The need could not be more obvious whether that is hyperlocal deliveries or taxi services. The means to run these businesses without excessively depending on human resources is lacking. But the change is coming soon. Drones, Autonomous Transportation and Space will define the next 20 years and will create opportunities worth Trillions for entrepreneurs across the world. There would be many infrastructural pieces that would have to be put in place, both hardware based and software based. These are the problems of tomorrow that Startups should be really focusing on.