Surviving the Downturn

The economy moves in cycles, and it is easy to see it coming up and down. Knowing the exact time the next downturn will arrive is difficult. Nevertheless, it is possible to look at the signs of the downturn and prepare for it. A smart entrepreneur is one who know the cycle and is prepared for it eventually catch up. Funding was abundant in 2015, has not been easily available in 2016. The world moves on. The marco-economic climate also plays a role in the movement of capital and where the country and economy at large is headed. Mr. Naru Narayanan is never one to mince words and he talks about the macro-economic movements that we see today and the implications that might have on the global economy at large and the globalised economy that we take for granted today.

He makes a case for keeping a keen eye on the political movements as well as the economic impacts that this would have on the world and startups. This will also have an impact on the ability to grow your business and the access to capital that entrepreneurs would have in the future. Donald Trump has been elected on the platform of a more insular country. European Union seems to be at the verge of breaking down. Oil Economics is unable to keep many economies erect. This means that the needs to depend on the local consumption and local demand is very important. Having said that, India is very far from being a China in the near term. It is a very interesting talk that every entrepreneur must listen to and learn from.