Succeeding is about persistence

I meet so many entrepreneurs regularly and talk to them about, how their business is doing. I am often confronted with entrepreneurs who think things will change once they make that big launch, or a major change to their product.  Invariably they are always wrong. Whenever I hear this reasoning the only thought that comes to mind, is the old cliché - 'Rome was not built in a day'. Often, it does not take superhuman effort to make the big launch, or to announce the big change to your product.  Also, that one day will not change your life! It takes superhuman effort to show up every days when things look bleak. When nothing seems to be going your way and giving up seems easier than pursuing your goals. Its not the day you made the big launch that matters finally, it’s the 250 other days when you showed up and did, what needed to be done because only you could do it; which matters. Great companies are not built in a day, nor are they made great by great announcements. They are made great because a group of people believe in achieving a goal and work relentlessly, with great persistence to achieve the goal. The launch might be the culmination of that effort; but the launch opens the window to more work, success is not a guaranteed thing.