Srinivas' Journey

Srinivas is one of those people whom you can’t call just a “tourist” because he is one hard core traveller. In his journey to see different beautiful destinations around the world he realized that long flight journeys get very monotonous and makes your mood lazy. He used to wonder entire flight is full, all are travelling to the same destination but no one talks with each other and the person sitting next to him may or may not be like minded as him. What if he knew person in advance who is like minded just as him with whom boarded the flight together, that would make their journey memorable. That's what triggered this idea of connecting travellers travelling to the same destination which will help frequent business travellers to beat boredom and help backpackers in finding a travel companion to cut down their trip expenses. Working professionals who look forward to travel to take a break and beat stress. However, many times when they are available, their friends are busy and when friends are free, they may not get time to travel with them. Finally they end up not travelling at all. That wouldn't have happened if they found a group of travellers who are available to travel when they are free. "That's what motivated me to start travel club with a group of travellers." They now have eChutti travel clubs in 9 major cities of India with over 40,000 travel club members. There is no membership fee, it is absolutely free to join travel clubs and while they don't organize any trip  themselves. They let travellers organize their own trips. They also have some professional tour organizers in the travel club, based on availability of travel club members and their interests they join the trips organized. Most of their trip planning used to happen on WhatsApp groups and social networking sites. This was not very convenient that is what gave birth to eChutti Travel App. One can easily create a trip plan and publish to invite like minded travellers, they can chat with fellow travellers without disclosing their mobile numbers.   Srinivas says: “Our vision is to make eChutti has one stop shop to full fill all traveller's needs. We are partnered with big players like MakeMyTrip, Yatra, ThomasCook, Cox and Kings to provide best travel deals for our travellers and we also have weekend trip organizers, trekking organizers and professional adventure camp organizers who publish their trip plan. The idea is to help travellers find best tour organizer with good deals and as well as help tour organizers to help promote their trips, so that it turns out to be a win-win situation for both parties. Response is great, our trip calendar is full and on few days we have multiple trips being organized on the same day simultaneously.  Our product roadmap includes several milestones and we will be releasing many exciting features one after the other. At the moment, besides trip planner we have travelogues and travel blogs where many share their trip experience, instantly share pictures and also provide feedback/review about the organizers.  Deal Coupon codes from MakeMyTrip, Yatra and ThomasCook. Triporum, where one can get plenty of information about a country they are visiting such as visa information, etiquettes and culture followed their etc. one can even ask question and fellow travellers who travelled there will answer to them."