Purple Ink – An online platform to celebrate, connect and coach women entrepreneurs

Incredible women live in our backyard, our social circle. Many of these voices surrender in the face of obstacles. I wanted to find compelling ways for women to express themselves. As a communications skills expert, it is my firm belief that confident self-expression is the foundation to success, be it in business or life. I wanted to provide a platform for women to shout out their success, reach out for their dreams and learn to express themselves like the leader they are. My journey began with these ideas a few years back. I wrote content, participated in the social groups and discussed their problems and issues. Back on my idea canvas, the first blocks of Purple Ink were built. In July 2016, the online platform where women celebrate, connect and learn about the entrepreneurial ecosystem became a reality. Purple Ink carried stories of a few women entrepreneurs. A small community of women entrepreneurs connected. Encouragement came in many forms but one entrepreneur managed to connect and grow her business due to efforts of Purple Ink and that made me seek answers from others. Nothing is more empowering than real world validation and when my featured women expressed this, I knew I was ready for the next leap.   Purple Ink… With the tagline, Celebrate, Connect, Coach Purple Ink is the one stop platform for any woman who dares to dream. Women entrepreneur is not a fancy name or a feminist tag. Women do see business through a different lens, in turn do business differently and therefore need a different set of ecosystem fluidity, connectivity and coaching. A common point in most research across the globe is on the lack of self-confidence in a woman. Purple Ink celebrates the incredible journey of every woman by sharing her inspiring story. Ink It Purple (#Inkitpurple) is a specifically designed program that coaches women the power of communication skills through the lens of leadership and empowers them to stand up, speak up and rise up to success.   Connect - Whether she designs jewelry, owns a bakery or runs a multi-million dollar company, women face some of the same challenges and can learn from one another. Inclusion and connectivity even in today’s digital age is a barrier in women’s entrepreneurial ecosystem. Purple Ink as a platform and on social media connects with similar women entrepreneurs. Coach - Beyond the idea formed during dinner preparation, the boardroom or at the gym, women need to be equipped with specific training to help them succeed and grow as business owners. Purple Ink provides
  1. Insights and research for women who have a dream to chart their own path.
  2. Leadership communication training to carry their dream forward through four dynamic training programs
  • The Purple Ink Speak like a Leader.
  • The Purple Ink Present like a Leader.
  • The Purple Ink Network like a Leader
  • The Purple Ink Write like a Leader
The rich experience, the voice and connect of the women entrepreneurs is the strongest wind beneath my wings. This is just the beginning of a beautiful journey where women leave their blues and Ink it Purple!