Productivity for Entrepreneurs - Start now

Productivity - Wikipedia says it is "Productivity is an average measure of the efficiency of production. It can be expressed as the ratio of output to inputs used in the production process, i.e. output per unit of input" Entrepreneurs think - "Productivity is the total time spent on your startup by you or by the whole team put together, you could be brain storming ( it is important), you could be surfing through web for some information ( it is absolutely important), you could be just dreaming ( I have said many times this is important), it all adds to the productivity" Whats actually true, is to be seen when time happens to you as a founder? It is important that every entrepreneur, who reads this piece understands that this small piece of information is provided to you only because I have seen so many entrepreneurs struggle to achieve their goals. So many of them get their goals at a single reach and I have been lucky enough to work closely with both the kinds and today, I hope to bring about those differences in a small way, because if you are able to bring about a small change in your working style after this read, you would be able to see a huge difference in a very short period of time for your startup. Difference #1: Having a very crisp To-do list - It is something which keeps hitting you on your face each time you open your phone, system or even your note book. Have it in place, which will do that to you, it is like something you want to push away, but still chooses to show up. I have it on my notes and my notes are synced on my Phones, System and iPad, so no escape. But, even more important is, what does that to-do list say to you? Does it give you the freedom to keep dreaming, learning, exploring or does it tell you, "hey, your lagging behind" Example: Wrong To-do thing - Research on your competitors Correct To-do thing - Get the features of my product/platform specified post competitor analysis Difference #2: Have a To-Do list clearance Time - It is very essential that every thing has its expiry time on it. If it was not, you would doubt its credibility, its use for you and also its importance. It is the same for your to-do list as well. If you do not put an expiry time for it, then, those things which you have to do will lose its credibility, its need in your work and absolutely you will stop seeing the importance of it. There are hundreds of examples I can give you when you thought something was important, like deadly important for your startup and with some time on it, you look into it and tell yourself, "seriously, I wanted this done? why?" and equally, I cannot stop from letting you know that if you feel something is important, trust me, it is... period. It is just that with time, something more important has taken its place and so your reaction. So, have an Expiry date for your to-do list, mine is END OF DAY... Example: Wrong To-do Heading: My to-do list Correct To-do Heading: My to-do list till END of DAY/WEEK Difference #3: Have a Journal of Goal / Achievements - As wikipedia says, you cannot measure your productivity unless you measure your output and we, humans have a tendency of not being able to measure anything which has no numbers attached to it. So, lets help ourselves measure our outputs against the inputs and therefore be able to measure our achievements, our productivity and our GOALS. So, have a journal, which talks about dates, days and things you got done, the first look at it, you would not find it very interesting, but let 6 months pass on it and let it be that day when you feel, you are being just silly by penning down your small achievements in this journal and then, look at these small notes which talks about what you did last summer, how much time you took and how it was useful and yes, the value of that note which you write today would mean the whole world for you and also for your team if needed. Example: Wrong To-do Journal - Item 1 - xxxxxxxxxx - Done Correct To-do Journal - Item 1 - xxxxxxxxx - Completed on 14/9/2016, Wednesday - Having a registration form on our platform for our users You see... it does make a difference... So, start these three things, keep it intact, these are all your assets and secrets which will help build a true productive culture in a startup you are working so hard to build and succeed in.