Platform Launch

Months of hard work, anticipation, planning has finally paid off! The long awaited Startups Club platform is finally here. Now members all across the globe are just a sign up away from all the exciting entrepreneurial craziness. Our Pioneer and Premium Pioneer Members can post and share their views and ideas with everyone with ease and thus the networking possibilities know no bound anymore. Till now we were restricted to pan India but as it is said a human being is restricted to boundaries but not ideas. Endless opportunities have opened with this platform for entrepreneurs who don’t want to be restricted by boundaries. On the launch date, the whole team was super excited and countdown was on. After all, the much awaited platform was in place and now the offline madness is extending to the online mode as well. The launch brought extra enthusiasm and positive energy not only among the team but the members as well because they were all set to experience an exciting way to connect. To reach this place immense dedication was shown by the whole Startups Club’s team where various ideas came forward in discussions and meetings but the main credit will definitely go to the tech team and Vivek. Prasad, tech lead made startups club his home for all practical purposes. Most days he would leave at 4am and be back by 9am. Days of brainstorming, trial and error and problem solving lead us to the day - “1st Aug,2017”. The platform is now fully functioning and members are increasing every day with new ideas, matters and discussions coming up from different backgrounds of people making it a whole new way people look at business and do business. Check it out and see what it is all about.