Meetup on Business Illustrations

Startups Club, a community for enthusiastic  entrepreneurs organized a meet up at the Startups Club HQ,  Kormangala,  Bangalore on 7th June,2017 where speaker Mr. Subramani, Founder of Total Solutions  gave a detailed knowledge session on Business Illustrations to  help the budding entrepreneurs in setting up a business plan. On a busy Wednesday afternoon a bunch of people running from one place to other to make everything perfect. Nobody cares if they are from sales or marketing or operations; they are a family ready to host very important guest. Who are these guests? Budding entrepreneurs who are leaving everything behind on a overloaded weekday and turning up because they believe in startups club and what they stand up for. They have faith that Startups Club can help them climb up the stairs of their dreams and they won’t be let down like always. A detailed talk on “Business Plan Strategy” was given By Mr. Subramani. After deciding to establish a business there are numerous things that need to be taken care of which an entrepreneur might not realize in the early stage like the knowing the Strengths, Weaknesses ,Opportunities and Threats that will follow up as the business proceeds, what are the financial resources , how much funding is required and how that can be accomplished along with crisis and risk management strategies. Salma Moosa, with Vivek Srinivasan , Co-founders of Startups Club by started the session with a brief introduction about how startups club came into being. She started the introduction by saying, "Startups Club is a story, it’s a movement and it’s a passion created by its own members" after a lot of illustrations and examples of things that the members have done. To our surprise most people came before time and soon it was a houseful event and to add to the overwhelming situation. Even though around 50 RSVP were received and in general not even half the people who RSVP turn up usually but the meet up had more than 60 people who attended. She ended talk by telling the audience , "We keep hearing everyone say, we help you with sales... How many of you have heard that line? But as a club we don’t help you with sales, we makes sales happen!"   She followed this with a very interesting game of dumb-charades, an idea by our Alliance Manager, Arjun played by 6 Premium Pioneer Members who came for the event, to enact what services they offer. Then started the main session of the day talk on ‘Business Plan Strategy’ by Premium Pioneer Member and expertise in the field Mr. Subramani. He shed light on different categories of things that need to be kept on mind to plan a business successfully. He had a very interesting approach along with perfect examples that can make even a kid understand the concepts. Crowd was hooked to it as a lot of questions were coming in to which Mr. Subhramani answered energetically. He concluded his talk by saying, Government will give opportunity, technology may give you advantage, whatever advantage it gives you, you should be able to use it. With this the main session ended but it’s always expect the unexpected from Startups Club an interesting concept of ‘Shameless Asks’ was introduced by the team of Startups Club, according to the idea an entrepreneur needs to be shameful about what he/she wants in order to get it. Chance was given to 10 people present there to shamefully ask what they want and the crowd responded to the asks which were creating connections as a result. A clear pitch and shameful asks with this the events ended followed by interested entrepreneurs networking and exchanging contacts and they were added to a whatsapp group for widening their network with the ecosystem (as they at Startups Club like to call it). Co-founders Vivek  Srinivasan and Salma Moosa along with the Startups Club family made sure that everything was in place and people get much more than they expected from the meet up. Startups Club organizes meetups for it’s members on a regular basis such as monthly and weekly meet ups as well as knowledge sessions. Upcoming  events:  17th June, 2017 in Delhi about “Businesses investors seek” and 18th June, 2017 in Chennai about “Finance for non-finance founders.