Mecura - Changing healthcare for Children

In India, the health system mostly depends on cultural methods and on imported western models. To make matter worse; health services in India, especially allopathic is quite expensive and hits the common man hard. After independence, there has been significant improvement in the health status of the people but the situation is not much better as per the study by WHO. It has placed India in 112th position among 191 countries of the world. Such problems need to be solved at the root level. Today, children are exposed to many more diseases and stress than any other time. We stand at a position where, 2 out of every 5 children in India suffer from peer pressure and have suicidal tendencies. A study says that 40% of Indians have an unhealthy BMI. The frequency of getting ill today is much higher than it was earlier; even a flu can be looked upon as a sign of dengue or Zika infection. If I ask you when did you last visit a doctor just for a regular check-up, it would be difficult to answer. Akbar Khan is currently pursuing Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science from SRM University. He rightly says that in India, a child is taken to a doctor only when he/she falls seriously ill and there is no escape but to go through a number of tests. Akbar says that his frequent sneezing during the childhood days went unnoticed by his parents because he would stay in a hostel. This led to a serious sinus trouble which needed immediate medication; however, this situation could be avoided if his parents could track his health even when sitting miles away from him. His keen interest in entrepreneurship has enabled him to start Mecura through which parents can track the medical records of their children with just the click of a button i.e. the digital version of paper based prescriptions, called Electron Medical Record (EMR). Mecura has already been featured among top five startups selected in IIT Bombay and it was also among 40 start-ups to get selected in Bioasia Convention 2016. Further, it has ranked 32nd globally in the Impact Chapter that was organized by a German company ‘Get In the Ring’. Akbar aims to turn his startup into a company and promote better healthcare for children in India. Mecura has already conducted pilot services in Kolkata and Jaipur where it received a positive response and a success rate of 95%. It has currently joined hands with 7 schools in Kolkata including Loyola High School and St. Thomas’School, Khidirpur. Their innovative website & mobile app will help children & parents keep a constant tab on their health status. They aim to bridge the gap between school-going children & the necessary health care they should get. The younger generation is an invaluable asset to our country and its time we do something to keep them healthy. A bunch of young minds make up the A-team of Mecura, mentored by Nishant Bhardwaj and Aquib Hasnain as the Head of Operation and Ankush Malhotra The CTO . Mecura has three doctor as advisors : Dr Mainul Hossain-Senior General Physician Honorary Secretary, IMA Kidderpore Branch, Kolkata; Dr.Jamal Khan-MBBS,DCF and fellow in pediatric cardiology Consultant pediatrician and Neonatologist; Dr Sandip Kumar Ray -Senior Faculty ,Medicine Community. Together, they aim to provide various services to school children, the major ones being - a general check-up that includes eye test, dental checkup, and ENT test; a screen test that includes blood test for anemia, obesity, inflammations and other infections; parental and social counseling and interactive health workshops.   The results of these tests are accessible to the principal of the school, parent and doctor through the EMR. The interesting part is that, this EMR can be used at any time during an emergency and no previous medical record of the child will be needed any longer. You can also read articles and blogs and stay connected with the latest updates of Mecura through “Samagya” newspaper. Mecura has planned to reach and screen more than 1 million students in the next three years. Visit :