'Integration' is better than 'Combination' when it comes to medicine

In your quest for good health, perhaps many of you have searched for a better option. Typically, if you were to have a health problem, you would go see an allopathic doctor, not knowing if that’s the correct option for you. Your family and friends, would advise you to go see the Ayurveda doctor or a homeopath they know and trust. This approach leads to confusion and haphazard approach to evaluating what would be the best option to treat your problem. Unfortunately, when you go back to your allopath, all that work seems unsupported. You become the ill-equipped coordinator between your allopathic doctor and all your other doctors and care providers.   Now, you would be plagued with questions like: “Does my homeopath know what’s in the allopathy medicine?” “Do I tell my allopath about the other medication I am taking?” “How do I know if homeopathy is better suited for me or Ayurveda?” “What about drug interactions and toxicities?” “Is there a medicine without certain side effects?” “Is it harmful to take so many medicines together?” “How do I choose the best option?” And so many more…   Imagine a service that can provide access to all the wisdom in the Vedas along with a 400+ year old science filtered through modern medicine and all it’s conveniences and speed. Imagine the ground work done for you. Since the average person has no way of knowing which mode of medicine would work best for his/her disease or condition, personality, preferences, or certain aspects of the disease. We let the doctors decide for you. For instance, Ayurveda may be really well suited for your fertility issues, homeopathy may be perfect for your kind of asthma, but you may just not know it. Syncremedies is an online medical consultation service that provides an integrated, collaborative approach to health care. It is an effective and neat interplay of the wisdom of ancient Ayurveda, the constitutional approach of homeopathic medications and all the cutting edge progress of modern medicine. Founded by two doctors, and inspired by many, Syncremedies was founded to build a medical network that would prevent patients from getting stuck in a vicious circle of medications, therapies and treatments, all giving them sub par relief. We can have doctors from various fields work together, to make the whole more than the sum of the parts. We, as a race, have made too much progress both in the medical field and in technology, to let ignorance, ego or inadequacy get in the way of patient care. Let’s discuss a young woman diagnosed with asthma. Did you know, some asthma cases can be ‘cured’ and go under long term remission with homeopathy? However, homeopathy treatments can sometimes be long term, and allopathy serves well as an SOS medication, in addition to controlling incidences. Ayurveda can help with detoxification and improving immunity to reduce frequency and intensity of attacks while the long treatment is in progress. The key is, when working together, doctors can help out in various ways and capacities, to ultimately take the patient to good health and keep them there. Syncremedies is an online medical consultation service that provides an integrated and unified approach to health care, such that a healthy exchange of knowledge, ideas and solutions can help the patient achieve optimal health. Our doctors collaborate, converse and come up with a treatment plan that is comprehensive and personalized for patient’s ailment. The treatment plan takes into account the best of allopathy, homeopathy and Ayurveda for your case. This does not mean a patient will get a “combination” of all 3 forms of medicine, but “integration” means providing the patient with the “most effective” course of treatment, whatever that might be. The doctors evaluate the medications previously tried and currently used before formulating a comprehensive treatment plan. Medications and treatments with the most efficacy, with minimal side effects and most long-term benefits are considered. Lifestyle considerations, diet, stress management techniques, meditation, yoga and exercise regimens are suggested as appropriate. In short, a Syncremedies treatment plan provides one with the best chance at successfully treating the disease and managing the health of mind and body. Syncremedies is a novel idea, built on the simple fact that patients rely on their doctors to find the best solution for them. The mutual desire of the syncremedies team, its doctors and its patients to find that solution, is the reason for its success so far. The team has grown to include experienced doctors and specialists from various fields, cutting edge IT that enables a few instinctive clicks to lead to an online video conference room, an active marketing and customer relations team that has helped make such a service easily accessible to many, service providers that provide therapies, medications and care, both at home and in location to patients, and many more. Syncremedies currently can provide service to over 60,000 members. It’s future plans include offline centers, multicity services, international presence, and becoming a go to place in patient’s minds, when faced with an illness. Since the past few months, we have successfully tied up with Health Insurance companies, IT Companies and Banks to provide this service to their clients and employees. In addition, we have been able to collaborate with patient support groups and medical tourism companies to provide 2nd opinion on complex clinical cases. We are looking forward to venturing into home care and offline clinics in the coming months. It is a one of a kind service, filling a need that was thus far left unaddressed. Collaboration and Communication among doctors across modalities for the betterment of health.   Visit for more information, email us at [email protected] or connect with us at +91 8884886567