How to build your startup presence online to drive 1,00,00+ Organic traffic every month?


Startups are the seeds of a  future big company, many of them grow over time and become a big organization and many of them die OR fail to grow due to lack of environment, water, soil and other resources OR Market Awareness.

I won't say it's easy to collect all, but it will be easy to get into your customer's eye if you follow these steps to grow your business presence online.

Hello Everyone, I am Rana Jayant, A marketer who helps business owners to grow their business online. And this article you will learn how do I do that and how can you implement on your startup to build business presence online and gain customers without paying me a penny.  

These tips will be so easy that a person with the basic understanding of the business will be able to implement. If you get stuck in executing something, feel free to connect me back, I will be happy to help you.

By implementing this strategy for your startup you will definitely grow your business presence online, and expand your startup ability to gain more visitors and convert them into customers.

Here are some of the results I have achieved for a startup

Let's get started,

Wait, Let’s get started with a question.

How many people know about your startup?

Your family, your friends, your colleagues and all your Facebook friends whom you have invited to like your startup facebook page.

What if I tell you that your startup needs more attention than just having a couple of people who will listen to you but won’t buy your product/service. And what if I also tell you that you can let people know about your startup without investing a penny to digital marketing agencies.

What is Rana talking about?

I am talking about growth over the internet, started to do digital marketing for a startup without spending any money.

Digital marketing/Online Marketing has become an essential medium to market brand businesses online, if you are not building your user base online you are missing 80% of your audience and future customers. The new high techy digital marketing has become so simple that can be implemented by people like you without having a great understanding of digital marketing OR having a big budget for a digital marketing agency. You can start following the simple steps and see your audience over time.

How to let people know about your business OR in other words How to do online marketing that will help your startup to be visible to thousands of customers?

Doing free part of digital marketing is not a rocket science, you can do it if you have a basic understanding of your idea and the business cycle. The better you understand your startup the more you will be able to helps people and generate business for yourself.

Let's get back to the topic! "How to do Free Digital Marketing for your startup"?

Go Online

Publish a website, I believe if you stealthy in nature and have an intensive focus then your startup might be having a website already. Treat your website like your business office and put every detail possible to help your customers to find you easily.

Start A Blog

A blog is a storytelling, news sharing platform made on your blog to connect with the audience. If you don't have any on your blog then I recommend you get one developed. Start writing about the problems your startup is trying to solve.

Example: If it's a new application which is letting business owners execute their business process easily then write an article which talks about company productivity. In the article, you can mention about your startup solution, How your tool will help company owners to make the company more productive.