EventsHigh gets Funded


Last day to apply for the 2015 Startups Club Demo Day, then a two day event in Bangalore for a community of 6000 members, we had posted in all our platforms that the last time to apply to pitch was that day at mid night, and we get a message at around 12:30 am, saying he wanted to pitch and that he was a founder of a startup called EventsHigh.

Our first thought was that this is some lazy entrepreneur who waited for the very last minute and finally here he is trying his luck. Nevertheless, the fact that he had messaged in the middle of the night, was what caught our attention and we decided to give him a chance. We messaged him the link to pick the pass, the pass was picked up within minutes and the deadline to submit the pitch deck was the next day 12 mid night and he made sure that he sent the pitch deck exactly 10 minutes before mid night.

As organisers of a challenge, this applicant tested our patience. He would land up 20 to 30 minutes late for the mentoring sessions prior to the pitch but we would never be angry with him because he would stay till the very end, take the maximum advice and suggestions and enjoy conversations on his business. There was always something about this young entrepreneur, which made us think he will make it, he will build his dreams.

The day of challenge arrived. He had tough competition, in fact one of the other applicant was the audience favourite but this dynamic entrepreneur went on stage and spoke about the real problem almost everyone in the hall had, he Talked about the way he and his team were working towards solving the problem. The jury was clear, there was only one winner and it was him, Nikesh Garera of EventsHigh. 

Starting that day, when he walked away with the Winner title of Demo Day 2015 with a Prize money of ₹1lakh, it was not the end, it was a start for him. We saw him aggressively connect with investors, stay connected with us to become our ticketing partners for a Pan India 11 city Demo Day 2016, even if he was present only in Bangalore. Not a day did we feel he or his team had not touched any other city.

The team EventsHigh seamlessly expanded and gave the best services. That was not it, every time possible, Nikesh would connect with us, build reach and grow his connect. Months later we got to hear from him that they got funded and today, getting to read about them in papers and every where about Axilor funding EventsHigh, we at Startups Club and its members, team and founders are filled with pride to see our little smart baby entrepreneur grow into one of the most potential startup in town.