Estilorobe - Helping you digitise your wardrobe

We all have that moment every morning where we stand in front of our closet and wonder why we seem to be at a loss even with a closet full of dresses. When it comes to dressing up, Women often tend to shop new items and this leads to more clothes/accessories in their wardrobe which later on, due to space issues, becomes the reason for an unorganized closet. We decided to build a solution that would make this an issue of the past. Both co-founders are childhood friends who share a mutual love towards shopping clothes from an early age. We both were impulsive shoppers due to which our wardrobes turned into a complete chaos. We then started talking to women around and found that many faced these similar issues. This when the idea of building an app struck us, Our phones today handle almost everything, so why not this. Our app is based on the idea of helping women to decide or plan their outfits by providing them access to their wardrobe on their mobile phones. With new clothing brands’ popping up every now and then, every woman finds herself being pressed for time and money. It becomes frustrating to dress up and get ready. These challenges motivated us to come up with a solution & laid the foundation for our app ESTILOROBE. Our app lets the user create a virtual closet by uploading the images of their current wardrobe items which will help the women to revamp and reinvent their style of dressing by mixing & matching and creating new looks from their old wardrobe. Estilorobe Click pictures of your wardrobe items, upload them in the app categorically and boom! You have your virtual closet at your fingertips. Create new looks and discover different ways of wearing your existing clothes, Share these looks with your friends to know their opinion. This creates a social layer and also helps you get the best out of your wardrobe. If your friends really do not have the time to help you decide what to wear, send us your query and our stylists will help you with their fashion advice and also suggest trendy looks which can be created from your own uploaded virtual wardrobe. To avoid any last minute rush, you can also plan your outfits ahead of time by just setting a reminder for a particular date and time and the app will send you notification. For the fashionistas the app also has a Trending feature that updates you on all the latest fashion trends. So Style your wardrobe with ESTILOROBE!! We both were fortunate to a find team that shared the same passion towards this idea and together we turned it into reality. The venture has been co-founded by two dynamic ladies; Pahul Kathuria, who is a fashion graduate from NIFT and Pooja Aggarwal who has an MBA from IIFT. Pahul bring her keen eye for design and fashion styling while Pooja brings her marketing skills and has been working on increasing the user engagement on the app. Vikrant Mahajan joined the team with his background in strategizing, he holds a degree from IIT Delhi takes care of the overall strategy building and revenue generation of app.