BuildingeKart - Organising the construction industry

If you can shop for groceries, books and mobile phones from your smartphone; then why can’t you shop for construction materials and services right from the comfort of your living room? This question, drove a vision to provide holistic solution to all construction needs by making construction and design related buying decisions simple. Mamatha KamiReddy and Venkata SubbaReddy Nandigari founded BuildingeKart – an ecommerce solution, offering building materials, design services, construction and interior solutions. BuildingeKart aims to solve procurement problems of retail buyers as well as SME contractors and builders by organising the construction materials market. On a single platform, a person planning to construct a house can get the entire construction solution, right from architecture to final interior design. The goal of BuildingeKart is to provide transparency in pricing, high quality products, ease the process of buying of building materials and construction services. It eases the process for developers, builders & contractors of all sizes, to get all sorts of construction materials delivered right at their doorstep at the lowest possible prices. On its portal, BuildingeKart sells raw material as well as finished goods ranging from cement, steel, doors, paints, tiles, and home decor. Builders and individual home owners can also avail all construction services ranging from Architectural Design, Interiors and Contractor Services all at one place. Having been engaged in the construction industry for more than a decade, constructing houses and apartments, the idea of BuildingeKart came to Venkat's mind.  He realized that construction industry is way behind in adopting the latest technology trends, streamlined processes and automation. He spotted the massive opportunity to optimize the system for the whole industry. The opportunity lay in making the process more tech-driven rather than relying on human intervention. He roped in Mamatha who brought in her vast technical expertise and together they developed the platform.

Problems customers face

A construction project is successful if it addresses the cost, quality and time issues with the least trade-off. When constructing or renovating a house, the owner faces problems from day one from planning onwards. They have to spend days discussing with architects, vaasthu consultants, structural engineers and contractors. BuildingeKart brings all these experts under one roof and takes care of streamlining these services with expert Project Management consultants. This addresses the communication and time issues that owners face. The next difficulty faced by owners is with the selection and procurement of construction materials. BuildingeKart provides complete project estimates to the client and provides guidance on the quality of products and brands that suit the client needs. BuildingeKart also sends samples of these materials to client’s doorstep and facilitates complete online shopping. This results in a  lot of time saved for the client and a cost savings of on an average, 30% of the project cost when compared with traditional methods. House construction is a yearlong process. Owners spend all their weekends and sometimes weekdays on site visits to monitor construction quality, timelines and costs. The owner encounters many problems like labour issues, time delays, inflation, availability of subcontractors, and delay in materials delivery. BuildingeKart is unlike many other existing platforms that act as aggregators of building material vendors and generate referrals for service providers. BuildingeKart stays with the client throughout the process providing complete architectural and structural drawings, weekly status updates on the work progress, status of materials shipment and regular site visits. The aim is to achieve goals and objectives through the planned expenditure of resources that meet the project’s quality, cost, time, scope, and safety requirements.
There is always a trade-off between Cost, time and Quality.
Mamatha says, "People often say that construction industry is full of chaos and is not associated with words like trust, authenticity and timeliness. There is always a trade-off between Cost, time and Quality. Our mission is to fix this by providing the simplest possible home solutions right from purchase of building materials to construction requirements.  The team with extensive experience in construction industry offers products and services affordable to individual home owners. Our partners are completely trustworthy and share our belief of staying with the client through the entire process of construction. The vision is to bring uniform pricing model, honesty, transparency and on-time delivery even in construction industry."


Venkat and Mamatha bootstrapped BuildingeKart with their collective funds. Vendors, service providers and clients are all welcoming this new platform that eases everyone's job and saves a lot of time.  They have currently 90 registered users with average transaction frequency of thrice a week per user. Clocking sales of INR 7 lakhs in the month of June 2016 and have been witnessing growth at a rate of 80% every month. They plan to expand into Hyderabad, Vijayawada and Mysore by the end of this year. “One of the biggest challenges we faced was of attracting good talent. The team we formed shares our vision and works with us towards achieving it. There is no startup without the right people,” says Mamatha who believes a good team is the biggest strength of a successful business. According to a report by PwC, India’s construction sector is presently worth US$ 310 billion & forecast to grow at 7-8% each year. As a tech company BuildingeKart wants to revolutionize the real estate and construction industry & is creating an ecosystem that is favourable for buyers and sellers in changing the way people deal in construction materials.