Appaie - Coding Bots for Apps


E-commerce is here to stay whether we like it or not. Many of the old world businesses need to begin considering the possibility of leveraging e-commerce in order to be able to make their business available to one and all. Think about a small biriyani shop that is able to generate Rs. 3,000 per day in additional income as a consequence of having an app, it may be well worth it. In all probability they will not develop an app because of the cost as well as the times that it takes.

Saravana and Arun founded Appaie as a solution to this issue. Appaie stands for App Artificial Intelligence Engine. The company has developed coding bots that allow for the development of application in an automated manner. App development becomes as easy as using a template website to have your own website developed. The company has developed an engine that allows for native apps to be built and delivered in a matter of hours.

It becomes incredibly easy and fast for anybody who wished to take their business the e-commerce route to develop their own app. All they need to do is make sure that the details of all of their offerings is ready. Key in the details based on the design, the platform does the rest.

The product is available to users as a subscription based product. This makes the cost of entry extremely low of small business owners. This also makes it possible for then to try out apps as a possibility, if it suites them well. The starting kit costs al little as Rs. 800 per month.

They have been able to work with a whole host of companies over the past few months and been able to bring some of the smallest business online with their own app.

The case of Donne Biryani is an interesting story that they share. A small store in Koramangala was dependent on Zomato for delivery sales. They developed their app through Appaie. Even from the first month they were able to generate orders worth Rs. 10,000 out of their own app. This makes sense from a cost perspective for the restaurant as well. In a similar manner many small businesses are able to find their way online through the use of Appaie.

The vision of the company in the long run is to make any kind of app development possible in a matter of hours. To realise this vision, they have are developing an SDK, which will go to market in the coming months. Any developer would be able to develop an app in a matter of hours rather than months.

Coding need not be a time consuming task, coding bots will be able to take care of all of the coding requirements in a structured environment bringing greater efficiencies and saving time.

Appaie are the winners of the Bangalore Demo Day and will be pitching in the Finale this December.